Ageing middle aged men talking about VIdeo games, Whats not to check out?

Show 102: This is gonna be a busy week

May 20th, 2018

This week mike is traveling to Vegas to see Esports and then Combo Breaker on Friday.  Tune in to hear about our thoughts on State of Decay 2.  We also talk about Top Secret infromation that could be at E3, seriously keep this one quiet.  


Show 101: Let the E3 rumors begin!

May 13th, 2018

This week we talk all about the upcoming E3 rumors and news leaking into the public.  We finish the show with mike digging up his dead horse and giving his thoughts about Destiny 2 Warmind.  Check us out at    


Show 100: We did it!

May 6th, 2018

Hello and welcome to show 100.  This week we talk about Sega making a possible comeback into the hardware industry. We also talk about lawsuits and unions, so come on down for fun.  Check us out at    


Show 99: What did the Rock ever do?

April 29th, 2018

This week Mike lays out how he really feels about the rock.  We speak about a new fad (Strip Fortnite) and finish it all off E3 and what you can expect to see. 


Show 98: Blizzard we want a new game.

April 22nd, 2018

Hello, this week Will and Mike talk about #Godofwar4, and #Labo.  We finish it off with talking about Blizzard and Battle Royale Games.    


Show 97: E3 bait and switch

April 15th, 2018

Hello all, this week we get ready for God of War 4, LABO, and anyhting elsse that comes at us.  Somewhere in the show we have a converstation, about game companies giving us the switcharoo from what we see at E3.  Please make sure you visit our website for all of our upcoming events.    


Show 96: Will goes to PAX East

April 10th, 2018

Hello, This week week will heads to Pax East and survives to report about it. 


Show 95: April Fools with the Father

April 1st, 2018

Hello, this week we play allot of FARCRY 5 and finish the show with some fun April fools Jokes.   


Show 94: Microsoft hates us

March 25th, 2018

Hello, this week we bring in a new segment game of the week (Sea of Thieves).  We finish it off with talking about our favorite punching bag, Xbox.     


Show 93: We have a Bulge…(sigh)

March 18th, 2018

Hello all, this week we teach you what happens when you play 12 hours of PUBG a day and then cheat on your girlfriend.  We finish the show, with talking about our favorite plumbers brothers bulge.